Flamboyant gypsies



Gypsies have been traveling for hundreds of years in a seemingly endless journey. They mirrored the habits, the traits and culture of all the people they have mingled with and still they managed to preserve unbroken in their primordial world, tradition and identity. It is far more reachable for travelers to go the four corners of the world than to enter into a universe so close and yet so tightly sealed to those outside. You can find them everywhere and you may think you know everything there is to know about them, either in a negative light presented in the news bulletins or excessively idealized in romantic and exotic movies.


But who are they really? We have managed to lift that veil and invite you to enter the stage of real life into a real Romanian gypsy community. Come and explore and, should you choose to, learn their traditional crafts! Join us for a gypsy tribunal where the wisdom of the tradition bearing elders is acknowledged and respected. Let yourself swept away by the charm of a warm fire surrounded by old stories and violin notes. Experience an insider view for fundamental events in the community’s life such as weddings baptisms and parties. We challenge you to come and live, eat, sing and dance among gypsies.



- 2 nights accommodation in 3/4 * hotels in Bucharest(H.B.)

- 3 nights accommodation in 4 * hotel in Targu-Jiu (H.B.)

- airport transfer

- transport inside Romania

- 3 days in gypsy communities of Targu –Jiu

- traditional gypsy handicrafts(wood carving, metal working, blacksmithing)

- visiting gypsies villages  in horse and   carriage

- traditional lunch in gypsy family

- visiting Constantin Brancusi masterpieces from Targu-Jiu(“Gate of the kiss”, “Table of silence”, “The endless column “ )

- 5 days guide



- attending a real gypsy wedding (100 E)

- traditional gypsy court of law (40 E)

- party in a gypsy bar with orchestra (50 E)

- dinner with special meal, with gypsy orchestra and dancers and old gypsy storytellers, in open space (100 E)



- transport from origin country to Romania (can be arranged separately)

- souvenirs



(6 days, 5 nights) – 495 Euro (The price is recommended for a group of minimum 12 persons)