Dracula mystery tour

DragonImmortality, secret societies and vampires exert tremendous fascination upon the adventurous and the free spirited. Even though many attempts have been made to unlock these mysteries they remain hidden.


Dracula, with his immortality myth and fame for sadism, cruelty but also everlasting love, has been made famous by Bram Stoker, but as you know the real figure of the hero was based (loosely) upon the Romanian voyevode (king) Vlad Dracula, surnamed Tepes (the Impaler).


Reliving history is not a handy commodity for everyone and that is why our tour offers a clear view into the real dragon mysteries and the real figure of the controversial Dracula.


His real dungeons, hidden basements, sacred home, and the cell where he was imprisoned are only few of the fascinating locations you will visit.


The truth about the secret society Vlad belonged to, a glimpse into its secret initiations and the location from where he used to draw his power will be revealed only in our tour and guided by a descendant of his family. He will unravel some of the clan‘s secret traditions.


A course in vampirology with the old Transylvanian customs to protect you from a vampire attack will be also taught to the strong of heart. In the end you will receive a diploma as a Vampire Hunter, or if you are a vampire lover, you can receive a Vampire Apprentice seal.


In this one of a kind tour, for the first time, we will show you the REAL vampire tradition, and blow your mind with unknown facts. You can become the proud carrier of our secret tradition.


We will travel with you to never before revealed places where you will be able to replenish yourself at the fountain of youth, as our king Dracula did, or continue on the extended tour extraordinaire.


A unique experience, kept only by initiates for hundreds of years now becomes available exclusively with us.




DAY ONE – Bucharest
Airport transfer , accommodation in hotel and dinner in historical Romanian restaurant

DAY TWO – Bucharest – Targoviste - Merisani
We start our tour with the residential city of Vlad, Targoviste, , which was his beloved capital city. The royal court, the hidden underground dungeons, the unique tower where from the enemies could be spotted from afar, the impaling courtyard, will get you some genuine gothic thrills.
Merisani (haunted manor)  Here is the place for the vampirology  courses and also for night sleeping.

DAY THREE – Merisani - Campulung - Corbii de Piatra - Curtea de Arges – Poienari - Arefu
Campulung is the first royal city in medieval Romania. In Corbii de Piatra will exploring one of the oldest pagan altar Romania, where our pre-thracian ancestors used to bring blood sacrifices on a high plateau. The unique church at the base of the hill, semi carved in stone, was built sometime before the 15 th century. Later on we travel to the real castle of Dracula, Poienari, who is said to be built only by boyars(they were given the choice to die impelled or live and build it). Its breath taking beauty will impress you for sure, and if you are more goth inclined you can see the impelled bodies of Vlad's enemies (fake of course). We will finish the day trip in the village of Arefu, whose villagers helped Vlad escape in Transylvania via some underground tunnels, therefore being rewarded many lands and mountains by the prince.

DAY FOUR – Arefu - Sibiu -Sighisioara
Today we’ll visit Sibiu , cultural capital of Europe in 2007; lunch and short visit at the city center. We finish our day in Sighisioara, Vlad’s birthplace, a most unique city(UNESCO monument) , where you feel like traveling in time. Second part of vampirology courses.

DAY FIVE – Sighisioara - Brasov - Bran - Sinaia
Except the medieval remains of the old city and its unique organ that still plays at the Black church, in Brasov there is also  the house of Katharina, Vlad's soul mate and mother of his 5 unofficial children. You will see also the medieval Bran Castle.

DAY SIX – Sinaia - Campina - Snagov- Bucharest
Campina(IuliaHasdeu Castle) - today's trip will unravel for you a unique manor, 200 years old, designed through channeling by a famous Romanian writer, at the suggestion of the ghost of his dead daughter. We will continue our tour at the official burial place of Dracula at the monastery of Snagov, in the middle of a remote island, and close by we will see the monastery of Cotmeana, which, as the historians say could be the REAL burial place, kept secret because of the hatred of the boyars who swore to unearth Dracula and stake his heart if they would discover his tomb.

DAY SEVEN – Bucharest
During your last day you will visit Curtea Veche, the ruins of the old royal court built by Mircea the Elder, Vlad's grandfather, during the end of 14th century. The small church he built is still intact, and you will be able to see the undergrounds and the museum that contains a lot of interesting artefacts. We will move then to Radu Voda monastery, built by the grandson of Vlad, where you can see the ruins of the old palace and the Bell tower, a very picturesque find. We will finish our day's mystery tour at the Museum of History, where you will be amazed by the splendid collection of gold jewelry  designed by our dakian ancestors, some as old as 2000 years.

Transfer to the airport




- 8 nights accommodation hotels 3-4* (half board)
- transportation inside Romania
- airport transfer to hotel
- entrance fee 
- courses of vampirology
- 8 days guide



- lunch 
- transportation to Romania(can be arranged separately)
- souvenirs
PRICE 750 Euro/person * Minimum recommended group 20 persons