2000 years in 7 days

Come to Romania, you will be amazed to discover a country that is rediscovering itself.


We dare you to a 7 day journey back in time to a country spanning an entire universe.


Your adventure will start in the mountains where, every spring, for the past 2000 years, sheppards have patiently guided their flock up the tall picks.

Forget about modern telecom and internet. Let go of electricity, hot water or even basic plumbing.
We will take you back to an original self and allow you to look into the semi nomad archetypal human state of mind who is deeply interconnected to the nature around.


We will then make a leap in time and arrive in rural medieval Transylvania, where you can see the birth place of one of Romania's most influential philosophers, Emil Cioran. From there we will drive to the oldest continuously inhabited medieval fortress, the current city of Sighisoara.


For your next destination you will have the once in a life time opportunity to meet a most flamboyant community - the gypsies. 
You will have an wonderful experience when you can safely meet them in their own homes amongst their families. You will be delighted to see what it really means to enjoy gypsy hospitality and good spirits.


As the days pass we will continue to make our journey back to the present. Bucharest can easily claim a hundred years of history in only a few guided steps.
From the vibrant interbelic period to the grey of communism and finally to the present day local artists, designer shops, theaters, clubs or underground happenings you will be guaranteed to find something you can resonate to.


DAY ONE - Airport transfer. Dinner in a historic traditional restaurant. Accommodation in 4 * hotel .

DAY TWO - Bucharest- Ploiesti-Brasov-Fagaras - Marginimea Sibiului
Bucharest hotel to the Carpathians mountains transfer. Trekking to the "stana" (sheepfold).Bonfire dinner.


DAY THREE - Marginimea Sibiului- Rasinari
Drive to Rasinari, traditional village in the heart of Romania. Hystorical tram tour of the Traditional Romanian Peasent Museum.


DAY FOUR - Rasinari-Sibiu-Sighisioara
Drive to Sighisoara. Visit the Citadel. Vlad The Emperor (Dracula) birth place.
Stroll through Sighisoara. Free time


DAY FIVE - Sighisioara-Alba-Iulia-Orastie-Costesti
Visit the ruins of the Dacian Fortresses. Learn about the Dacians, the oldest continuous inhabitants of Romania.


DAY SIX - Costesti-Hateg-Petrosani- Targu-Jiu
Meet the Gypsies. You will have the unique opportunity to immerse in a gipsy community.


DAY SEVEN - Targu-Jiu-Horezu-Valcea-Bucharest
Going back to Bucharest. Interbelic tour, communist tour. Evening: Group decision between museums/ opera/classical music/ underground happenings. Other activities on request.


DAY EIGHT - Bucharest
Shopping and souvenirs in off the beaten track places. Airport transfer.



-8 nights accommodation (Half board)
-transport inside Romania
-8 days guide
- entrance fees



-dinner with special meal, gypsy orchestra, dancers and old storytellers in open space- 100 Euro



-transportation to Romania(can be arranged separately)



750 Euro/person * Minimum recommended group 10 persons
Period 1May-1 October